DeepPaint 2.0


Product Code: DEE516

$ 1,00 for the web cost

Thanks to RightHemisphere Mec4D can offer you official  this wonderful product on our website as a Freebie
DeepPaint was the first program I used to create my textures almost 10 years ago, on side with Deep Paint3D and Deep UV
It is really great tool if you know how to use it right you will love it!

File Size: 58.00MB
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP, Minimal 64MB RAM P 200-MMX processor
Limitations: NO
Publisher: Right Hemisphere USA
Type: Freeware

Deep Paint offers a realistic painting experience for digital artists and graphics professionals. Deep Paint intergrates stroke-by-stroke artistic photo-cloning, fully editable brush and canvas settings, and paint functionality for realistic and stunning paint effects. Experience thickly textured oils, bold acrylics, and dramatic watercolors. Deep paint simplifies your artistic workflow as a Photoshop plug-in or standalone application, with special support for the Wacom Intuos or compatible pressure sensitive pad.
While Deep Paint may be too overwhelming for casual artists and newbies, more seasoned designers will love it, especially considering the fact that this software is FREE.

Version 2.0

Brush Cursor -The brush cursor displays an outline of the current brush shape on the material. This is useful for previewing the brush shape before painting.

Stroke Preview - The stroke preview appears in the Freehand Options panel, showing an example stroke of the current preset.

Clone - A work area window with additional paint effects and settings to create and enhance your images.

Paint - A work area with tools and Preset categories for creating and enhancing a 2D image.

Print -Gives a preview of the image with available settings and borders.

Splines - Splines (curves) can be used to create selection masks. Splines can be used to define the path of a brush stroke with more accuracy than by hand, or to repeat the same brushstroke with different settings. The brush can be set to snap-to the spline as you paint. Splines can be created and edited in any of the viewports. Splines can be saved to, or applied from the Shapes Palette.

The Clonetool has been extended. The capture feature allows the user to quickly define a temporary image stamp by capturing a piece of the current material. This is much like using the eyedropper to sample the material color when painting. The modify feature allows you to change the image size, etc, interactively in the viewport.

In the future I plan to post more tricks and tips on how to use Deep Paint in your texture creations and not only.

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